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Pilates on Park

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Personal. Private. Pilates.

“Move intentionally”

Pilates on Park is a boutique ​private training studio focused on ​weight training, reformer + mat ​pilates, low impact cardio, and ​ballet barre.

I embrace the beauty and ​functionality of developing both ​grace and strength. My goal is to ​provide fun, mindful, and effective ​workouts in a personal one-on-​one curated fitness space.

You deserve a fitness space that is not only ​beautiful, but offers a private, tranquil, VIP ​experience.

At Pilates on Park studio ​together we target our ​smaller less utilized muscle ​groups. Focus is on form and ​attention to detail. We ​improve strength, endurance, ​and posture, creating a ​graceful, functional body. The ​bi-product is increased ​confidence, lean muscle, ​balance, and feeling ​amazing!

Private training in a beautiful, modern, space.


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Mat & Hiit Pilates

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Ballet Burn

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Movement is medicine.


We​ight Training

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Mi​ni Trampoline Cardio Sculpt

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Beauty of ballet

Co​nditioning For Dancers

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Lux Touches

In addition to your private ​tailored program I offer ​complimentary:

-Towel Service

-Boxed water

-Pressed Juice

-Jo Malone products in the ​powder room

-Nespresso coffee

With over 20 years of experience in fitness, ​and 28 years in dance, I am Stott Pilates ​Practitioner trained, an Issa certified Personal ​Trainer, Certified Glute Specialist, Paul Chek ​Holistic Lifestyle Coach LV 1, Pilates, Barre, and ​Matbox Instructor, Ballet Teacher, and former ​professional, Ballet/Modern dancer.

I design movement programs that fit your ​needs and honor your body. I will guide you ​through every exercise, during every workout, ​every time.

-Chrissy (Owner/Founder)

It is the mind that shapes the body.

—Joseph Pilates

Pilates on Park is conveniently ​located two blocks from ​downtown Burlingame.

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